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Kindergarten & First Grade

K/1 children have a desire to learn, the ability to think abstractly, and remarkable powers of imagination. The philosophy that underlies our Montessori K/1 Program is designed to help each child search for his or her place in the universe and to recognize his or her relationship to other living things. Our course of study includes basic skills in math, reading, language arts, basic Spanish, art, music, and physical education. Our K/1 class is academically challenging and meets each child’s changing developmental needs.

Language Arts

We provide comprehensive study in this critical area, including early exercises to practice reading. With the aid of the moveable alphabet the children learn how to form words, starting with three letter phonetic words and moving to words with blends. Having mastered these words, the children move on to long vowel words, then practice making words with consonant diagraphs and finally get to compound words. The children also practice interpretive reading for comprehension at ever increasing levels of difficulty. They use the computer and reference books for both research and pleasure. Children develop handwriting skills through many exercises, including specially designed tasks in the use of the pencil. One related area in the class is the “exercises of practical life” corner which has materials that help develop hand coordination and fine motor skills. We introduce children to the function of the parts of speech through many games and exercises that isolate one element under study. We focus on nouns, verbs, adjectives, singular and plural contractions, prefixes and suffixes.


The children start learning place values with the help of the Montessori Golden Bead Material. They practice forming the teens, tens, and numbers from one through ten. The four basic mathematical operations (plus, minus, times, divided by) are taught using concrete Montessori Materials. Beginning with the passage to abstraction, the children begin to solve problems on paper without the use of concrete materials towards the end of the academic year. In addition to basic properties, children study concepts and definition of geometric shapes, time, money graphs, estimation, etc.


Children enjoy learning about the universe, the solar system, planet Earth and finally the focus on countries and cultures through songs and poems at all levels. We employ the use of puzzle maps and other interactive multimedia.


Children study both plant and animal life. Our botany studies include identifying, naming and labeling parts of plants, trees, leaves, roots and flowers. In our zoology area, children identify, name and label external parts of the human body, insects, fish, birds, etc. They are introduced to ecology including habitats, the food chain, adaptation to environments, climate and predator-prey relationships.

Art and Music

Through this program, children study different artists and enjoy working with different art materials and media. Every month children are introduced to a new musician and gain knowledge about classical music, jazz, pop, rock, etc.